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The Brahma book, Genetics of Chicken Colours & Extremes, Silkies and Silkie bantams
Since I lay lots of colour eggs and more, this Stuff page is nest. I didn’t translate all articles. Old stuff will be added in time. The new I’ll translate on the fly as laying trait from now on.
Paper from: J.A. Brumbaugh and W.F. Hollander, 1965.
On request for The Coop visitors.
This recipe was a success, they are bred now, and Tollbunt Orpies as well
Okay, okay, stay calm, but it seems to continue, this new odd colour making. All this new stuff, that’s abosultely not wished in the fancy. First breed the old stuff correct (with ever changing standards), that’s difficult enough. Although some colours can’t excite certain breeders and what should you do if you’re the only one breeding that colour? Nothing to swap, no competitions, its stirring the same pot of soup. Agree? Yes?
Everything seems to be twisted, revolved, spinning and swimming. The Wyandottes are perverted as well! My language skills lack in this. For anyone who is now in acute cryzis and sufferz from a high blood pressure, read more.

Click on the chicken for downloading the PDF.
For the recipe of Tollbunt, read here.
Silver Tollbunte Wyandotte
Silver laced mottled, made it once for Henk, his idea.
The above painting has been copied so awefully often... yes it is painted on a photo, in case you might wonder and I did that way back in 2008.
Review BYPm Genetics of Chicken Colours.pdf

Book review Genetics of Chicken Colours Backyard Poultry magazine Jan 2014 (USA). PDF with scans 2.9 Mb CLICK COVER

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