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Java and the buzzard is an adventure story for children. Originally written and drawn in 1999 for my son and it tells an exciting story about Java (a ‘sort of’ rose comb cock) and his friends. The A4 hard cover book consists of 36 colourful heavy paper pages and is full of illustrations. A beautiful glossy picture book in bright colours which kids and you like. The book comes with 2 embossed golden seals on front and back cover to show Java is of excellent courage and creativity ( is the future owner of the book).
The price of the book is  € 25,50 or app. £ 19,90 or $ 28,80 depending on currencies and ex postage.
An exciting adventure story of  a brave cockerel who 
rescues his friends.
Age 5+
On the first page owner can write her/his name in the book, plus room for a message.
Golden embossed seals on front and back.

Robust A4 hard cover and carton pages. 

Story for adults too, about creative solutions ;-)
Teach children to love chickens

Java and the Buzzard, illustrated full colour children’s book

When you are in Europe, UK
(EU postage REGISTRED post € 12,95) = € 38,45
When you are in Australia, USA, Russia or the rest of the world (postage REGISTRED post  € 16,95) = € 42,45