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The Brahma book, Genetics of Chicken Colours & Extremes, Silkies and Silkie bantams
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Still after so many years the most complete book on Serama.

The Serama book is € 65 and € 2 bookwrap so it will arrive undamaged. Postage Europe: € 12,95 registered,  (total € 79,95) mail to the rest of the world € 17,95 registered, (total € 84,95). I sign your book with soft pencil. For USA contact Jerry.

The New Serama Book

The New Serama book World, Australia, Russia
(€ 17,95 registered) and carton wrap (€ 2)  = € 84,95
The New Serama book Europe & UK
(€ 12,95) and carton wrap (€ 2)  = € 79,95

Content revised, expanded, updated, A4, 192 pages, 1000+ photos, full colour

What is a Serama?
The first imports
Description of the Serama
S silver
Bl blue
lav lavender
ig cream
Di dilute
Cha charcoal
Group 3, colour distributing genes
Db dark brown columbian
Mh mahogany
Ml melanotic
Group 4, the pattern genes
Pg pattern gene
Multiple laced
Double laced
Single laced
Autosomal barred/pencilled
mo mottled
B barred/cuckoo
The standard colour descriptions
Official Serama colour descriptions Europe by 2010