The Brahma book, Genetics of chicken colours the basics, Silkie book
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The Brahma book, Genetics of Chicken Colours & Extremes, Silkies and Silkie bantams
Received a copy of your book today in the mail.

Well done to Sigi and yourself. Excellently written, great pictures and a wealth of knowledge.

It will become my bible come the next breeding season.

Many many thanks.

Best book I have ever had.
Love it.
Thanks David.

Excellent book David and Sigi! My night (week, month, year...) is planned reading and digesting this great book! It's probably going to kick start a few more projects for me too

Got mine today. A standing ovation David and Sigi.
I am stunned at how great his book is. It is light years ahead of any thing else I have seen.
Possibly the greatest compliment I can give, my wife said, "Now thats a book about chickens even I would read".

Everyone get one - NOW.

I got mine too and Im wrapped Im with raf but it was my kids who started to read it! Any other chook book theyve turned their noses up at I had a hard time getting it back from my eldest and she kept showing my pictures and I didnt want too see them!!! (imagine the la la la la with fingers stuck in ears so i couldnt here her!!) I wanted to read it first!!

Wow! Mine came today and it is just beautiful. I didn't expect it to be so big and so well presented. You've done a spectacular job David.

Congratulations David and Sigi on producing such a great book. The info is great (still to read all of it yet), the photos and illustrations are just wonderful, and the overall design is very professional. And hardcover, too!

Wow...well done.

From readers...