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chicken genetics, poultry genetics, genetics, inheritance, feather colour, colours of chickens, breeding
Non-bearded Silkies have wattles, not a dewlap, nor rudimentary wattles. What is going on in the non-bearded?
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Started:  June 11 - 2008  
Last update: November 2015
chicken colour breeding book, book on colour breeding domestic chickens poultry
Serama, Seramas, Ayam Serama, bantam, bantams, miniature chicken, book, books, Malaysian Serama
Welcome to CHICKENCOLOURS.COM dedicated to chickens, their breeding, their colours, their beauty, their surprises.

Primary purpose of this website was promoting and selling the super simple book Genetics of Chicken Colours - The Basics. (btw also suitable for profs).

Meanwhile I’ve written more chicken books:
- The Serama breed book
- The Serama colours book
- Silkies and Silkie bantams
- Genetics of the Chicken Extremes

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Sigrid van Dort, Holland
Silkies and Silkie bantams state of the art  most complete Silkie book ever.
All full colour high resolution digital print super sharp photos. Breathtaking photos by Angela Schouten of her Silkies in France and photos of lots of other breeders, including photos of smashing US Silkies.
Added hundreds of photos of Silkies the last 5 years taken of colour breeding projects. I quit counting pics at 1000.  Pages: 194, Silkies from Europe, USA, Japan, China. Ancient history, modern history. Of course their colour genetics and extremes easy explained as you’re used from me. Schemes for easy look up, explanations in words and drawings, selection of specific colours, the troubles, abnormalities, the odd, and rare Silkies from all over the world... more details of the paint Silkes as well (the whites with large black spots, see cover). Click for preview.
Silkies and Silkie bantams, chickens with hair, Silky, chickens, book about Silkies
Did you ever heard of chicken-aids?
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Serama, Seramas, Ayam Serama, Serama books, smallest chicken, bantam, bantams
Genetics of the Chicken BOOKS
Genetics of Chicken Extremes
About everything but the feather  colours... Check out some pages of the Dutch version here.
On the photo the English and Dutch edition. The book is printed and available.

For the USA Jerry Schexnayder (LA) will distribute the book, just like Genetics of Chicken Colours, the Serama breed book and Serama Colours book. All books are in stock.
The book for Europe and Australia:  the book is € 75 and special carton  so it will arrive undamaged is € 2.
Mail costs to Europe: € 10,00, (total € 87,-) mail to the rest of the world € 12,35,
(€ total 89,35). You can use the paypal buttons below. I sign your book.
When you are in Europe (€ 87,00)
When you are in Australia or the rest of the world (€ 89,35)
The paypal button does  not always work for Australia for unknown reasons.
If you experience difficulties with paypal send me an e-mail.
Do you have questions? Please send me an e-mail as well.


where Genetics of the Chicken Extremes is about?

Download the PDF of the first six pages.

Silkies and Silkie bantams to Europe and Australia and elsewhere in the world email me or use the paypal buttons. For the USA email this address(Jerry) or this one (Bren)and my friends will send you your copy.

        NO witch-hunt for pigment holes

                               in paint Silkies

Pigment holes Paint Silkies.pdf

Pigment holes... Pink spots on the skin of paint coloured Silkies, pigment holes in the iris of paint Silkies. Silkies have black skin and dark eyes. But... What if the feather colour has extra effects? Actually its the same discussion as about the cuckoo/barred Silkies, with one difference, it is not known what ‘paint’ is.

How finite is the wisdom of breeders and poultry authorities? A closing argument with solid underpinnings as you may expect from me.

Click on the cover on the left to open the article in PDF (1.2 Mb).

In more stuff: Sulmtalers, Faverolles and the ‘CONDITION’

       Red Wheaten

Sulmtaler condition red wheaten
When you are in Australia or the rest of the world (€ 89,35)
When you are in Europe (€ 87,00)

Genetics of Chicken COLOURS

Paypal buttons below for Genetics of Chicken Colours. Everything above is the same for the Colours book, same prices etc.


Paypal buttons below for both genetics books. It will be a parcel therefore postage is more expensive. I can use the same carton wrap (€ 2).
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Both books when you are in Europe (€ 165,00)
Both books to Australia or the rest of the world with track & trace (€ 176,30)

When you are in the USA don’t use the paypal buttons above, order from Jerry, because mail from Europe to the USA is horror and it will take WEEKS, because of this long time, Jerry sells the genetics books in the USA for your convenience.

Silkie book Europe incl. Postage (€ 10) and carton wrap (€ 2)  = € 77,00
Silkie book World incl. Postage (€ 12,35) and carton wrap (€ 2)  = € 79,35
Review BYPm Genetics of Chicken Colours.pdf

Book review Genetics of Chicken Colours Backyard Poultry magazine Jan 2014 (USA). PDF with scans 2.9 Mb CLICK COVER

In more stuff1: The obscure history of the blue Serama

In more stuff1: White chickens are Sweet (march 2014)

In more stuff1: New Mottled Allele found


All materials are subjected to copyright, contact me if you want to use it for your website or else.

chicken genetics, poultry genetics, genetics, inheritance, feather colour, colours of chickens, breeding

Illustrations from the books/articles

on your wall at home



Starting now its possible to make prints, canvasses and card from the illustrations of my books/articles. I was asked a couple of times to make this possible. The illustrations on te FAA website are all made suitable to be printed in large format.


To offer something extra besides the usual, its possible to personalize the art prints. I can (hand)write your name or something else in the painting. Prices are in USDollars.


There are descriptions near the illustrations, and there are also some which are not published (yet) or different subjects.


Check the Blog on the website for behind the chook scenes.  In the Main Gallery are 52 illustrations, there are way more, only not yet adjusted for large printing. Perhaps more will follow if this website is appreciated.


To go to the artistswebsite you can click on the silkies on the right.


I joined Facebook finally...

as ‘sigrid van dort’, both a books FB and a personal one...

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EGG SEX SNIFFER about sexing eggs after 1 day of incubation, super hot article which makes your fantasy run wild...

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